What I learned after listening to a 26hr+ long lecture on Google Cloud

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What I learned after listening to a 26hr+ long lecture on Google Cloud

Important Services which you shouldn’t miss for exams are:

  1. IAM & Admin

  2. Cloud Storage

  3. GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)

  4. BigQuery

  5. VPC network

  6. Pub/Sub

  7. Deployment Manager

  8. Firestore

Google Digital Leader Exam and Google Associate Exam would surely be helpful in building a strong GCP and cloud knowledge foundation. In this article, I will summarize what I have learned from watching and listening to over 26 hours of video lectures on the Google Digital Leader Exam and Google Associate Level Exam.

First, let’s dive into the Google Digital Leader Exam. I listened to a YouTube video to fully understand the exam and its topics. This video is quite extensive and covers each syllabus detail.

Besides watching the video, I also participated in some MCQs and quizzes. This helped me establish a strong foundation for the Digital Leader Exam. While I don’t have much to discuss about this exam, I believe that if someone is motivated to enter GCP and work with cloud digital leadership, they should consider taking these two exams.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the Associate Level Exam. This video is a 20-hour-long comprehensive guide taught by Mr. Antonio Tzavelas, who delves deeply into each topic.

What sets this video apart is that it also provides practical demonstrations, which greatly enhance understanding. During my lectures, I came across a section on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which I believe is essential.

A strong grasp of Kubernetes is valuable in understanding what GKE does. We create clusters and pods in this lecture, so a good knowledge of Kubernetes is crucial. Mr. Antonio covered this topic, but for those aiming to excel in this exam, additional resources may be necessary.

Now, let’s discuss free versus paid resources. Frankly speaking, with such a wealth of knowledge available for free, it raises the question of why one should pay. I haven’t spent a single penny on learning about the Google Cloud Platform.

However, if you want to take practice tests, it’s a great idea. The actual exams are not cheap, with the Digital Leader Exam costing around $70 and the Associate Level Exam costing around $125.

Therefore, before making a substantial investment, consider trying practice exams. I haven’t purchased any practice exams yet, but I may in the future, as they can help deepen your understanding of the topics.

Lastly, some free resources are available, and I’m attaching the links for your convenience.


The importance of focusing on the user experience in cloud solutions. Strategic planning vs. tactical fixes: Why the big picture matters. The role of collaboration and communication in complex projects

Elevating security and compliance from checkboxes to culture. The criticality of cost optimization in cloud architecture, I don't design solutions, I craft experiences I emphasize strategic planning over tactical fixes I embrace collaboration & communication I focus more on Security and compliance I prioritize cost optimization.

Cloud Projects:

  1. Campus Automation Using Cloud Computing

  2. Detection of Data Leaks Using SQL Injection Prevention

  3. Cloud-Based Student Info Chatbot

  4. Cloud-based bus ticket system

  5. Android Offloading over Cloud

  6. Cloud-based Attendance System

  7. Personal Cloud with Raspberry Pi

  8. Remote Monitoring using IoT

  9. text Classification for Business Analytics

  10. Encyopetd Cloud storage

Here are the steps to make preparing for these exams easier:

  1. Watch the video lectures.

  2. Attend quizzes.

  3. Take notes.

By following these steps, you should be well-prepared for success.